Create, Edit, or Delete Options and Option Sets

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Options can be created and linked to your Shopify products so you can offer a truly unique shopping experience to your customers.

This guide only contains steps for creating or editing non-priced options. Please visit Create and Edit Priced Options for steps on creating and editing priced options.

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Creating an Option / Option Set

It's important to keep a Shopify product in mind during the creation of your option sets so that all of the selectable options are in order and to help you apply the options to the correct collection on your store.

Option sets can be applied to individual Shopify products, but not individual Shopify variants.



Multiple option sets should not be applied to the same products. All options for a product should be created within the same option set. There are several reasons why multiple option sets should only be applied to one product:

  • You will not be able to reorder the display of individual options between option sets.
  • Conditional logic can not be applied between option sets.
  • Options may not load on the page.
  • Prices may be incorrect.
  • Edit in cart will fail

 From within the Product Options app, select Options in the top navigation bar.

  •  Select Create Option Set

Select Create Option Set


  • Create an Option Set Name.

Note: This name is for your internal reference only and will not appear for your customers. We recommend naming it in accordance with the options you'll be creating, IE. T-Shirts or Pants.

  • Choose Select Products, then select Products or Dynamic List

Note: If you are selecting more than 15 products, we recommend creating a dynamic list instead. These can be created as a Hidden Smart Collection within the Shopify admin.

If a newly created product is not appearing in the product selector, select Sync with Shopify at the top of the product selector.

Select Sync with Shopify

  •  If searching for products within this area, type the exact product name. Items will not appear if only partially searched. (IE. Searching Big Brown Bear instead of just Bear)
  •  Select Save Selection.
  •  Select Create new option.

Select Create New Option

  • Enter a Name, Type, System Name, and Help Text for your option.

Note: You can adjust the way that the help text displays on your product page.

  • Enter the Values.
  • Check the Selected box if you'd like that value to be selected by default.

Check the Selected box (optional)

  • Select Save.
  • Select Create new option or Pick from existing. (optional)

Note: See Pick From Existing below for more information.

  • Select Save Option Set once you are finished.

Pick From Existing

When creating option sets, you will have 2 choices when adding options to the set:

  1. Create new option
  2. Pick from existing

The Pick From Existing feature allows you to use pre-existing options from other option sets.

After selecting Pick From Existing while creating or editing an option set, you will be presented with a pop-up that displays all of your pre-existing options, including options that have since been deleted. 

You can also search for a specific option by typing the option's exact name into the search bar.

Once an option is selected, and the "Use option" button is clicked the option will be duplicated and tied to the option you had originally selected. Below the option name will be displayed a message on how many option sets are using it.

Changes made to this duplicate will affect the original option unless Make a copy is selected within the Pick From Existing pop-up window.


A single option set can be applied to as many products as you'd like, but products shouldn't have more than one option set applied at a time.

If you've already created multiple option sets for one product, we highly recommend using the Pick From Existing feature for consolidating all options from these option sets into just one connected to the product.

Editing and Deleting Options / Option Sets

  • From within the Product Options app, select Options in the top navigation bar.
  • Select Edit next to the option set you'd like to adjust, or Delete if you want to remove the entire option set. (including all of the options within it)

Select Edit next to the Option Set

  • Select Edit to delete an individual option, or Remove to delete the entire set of options.

  • If you selected Edit, select the next to the individual option you want to delete. Repeat for all options you'd like to remove.

Select the X to delete individual options

  • Select Save Option Set.

Removing Products from Option Sets

  • From within Product Options, select Options.
  • Select Edit on the option set.
  • Select Review Products, then Edit Selection.
  • Find the product you'd like to remove.
  • Click the product, making sure it is not highlighted.
  • Select Save Selection.
  • Select Save Option Set.

Note: If the products are linked via Dynamic List, it's important to save your changes from the Shopify admin and then the Product Options app. Saving your changes in only 1 spot will result in issues on your storefront.

  • From within Shopify admin, find the Collection linked to the option set.
  • Find the product you'd like to remove.
  • Remove the product and Save the changes in Shopify.
  • From within Product Options, select Options.
  • Select Edit on the option set.
  • Select Review Products.
  • Select Save Selection.
  • Select Save Option Set.

We recommend Sync with Shopify from within the product selector after you delete or add new products to the Dynamic List. Once all the changes are made and saved, click on the Sync with Shopify button at the top of the product selector modal.

Searching for a Product

You can find the option set a product is tied to by searching the product title or product number in the Product Search page within the Product Options admin.

Note: In order to search by Product Number, you will need to change the Search By dropdown from Product Name to Product Number. When searching by Product Name, you will need to use the same spelling as it appears in Shopify.

After selecting Search, an option set that the product is tied to will be displayed below the search filters.

You can expand the option set to see the options created for this product by clicking on the " + " button.

In order to edit the option set listed in the search results, you will need to click on the Edit Option Set link.

"Option set is waiting to be re-synced"

The message option set is waiting to be re-synced is what we display to indicate that a sync of your option sets is currently in progress. This message will disappear once the sync has finished.

Note: A page refresh is needed to remove this message from your app admin once the sync has been completed.

A sync typically takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, although there are variables that can affect this time:

  • The number of products within the option set.
  • The quantity of option sets currently syncing.
  • When the last time a sync was performed.

If you are still seeing this message an hour or more after the sync began, please contact our Merchant Success team.


Why are the options not appearing on my product page?

If your options aren't displaying on the product page of your store, please make sure you've done the following list first:

When an option set is first created, it can take up to half hour for it to appear on your product page. Clearing your web browser's cache will speed this process up.

Please visit Product Options not Displaying for more information.

Can I remove a selection from an option based on a prior choice?

There is no built-in way to have an option dynamically remove a selection based on the choice of a prior option, but you can achieve this effect using conditions.


Using conditional logic requires the Premium version of Product Options.

You can create multiple versions of the option that you want to differ based on what is selected in a prior option. Create one version of this option with its associated selections for each set of choices that will show on the product page, then use conditions to hide them as well as show one of those options based on the selection of the prior option.

Once you create one version, you can duplicate it in the app admin, then you can edit the duplicate.

Can I use negative numbers or percentages in Product Options?

Negative Numbers

Non-alphanumeric characters are ignored during the option creation process. You can force them in by using HTML codes for the symbol you want to display, but it is at your discretion.


If the value needed for the option is -4.00, enter −4.00 as the option value.

It is important to note that this is not to be confused with subtracting from the cost. There is no ability to reduce a price through Shopify's variants or Bold Product Options options.


When priced options are created within Product Options, a product is created within the Shopify admin. As a Shopify limitation, only full amounts are able to be added as priced options within this section.

Percentages currently do not function with Product Options. The best way to make this work is to calculate the percentage and add that amount to the Shopify product admin.

Can options change the photos that appear on the product page of my store?

At this time, options created are not able to adjust the photos your customers see on your product pages.

If you'd like the product page images to change depending on what option is selected, paid customization is required.


Making adjustments to the Shopify product images requires technical knowledge. If you'd like one of our partners to complete a paid customization for you and your store, please reach out to HeyCarson via this form.

Is there a limit to the number of options that can be applied to a product?

There is currently no limit to the number of options you can create for a set product at this time.

While it is possible to create as many options as you would like, we recommend having no more than 10 option types on a single product page. Having more than 10 option types on a single product can start leading to abandoned carts.

Why aren't my recently added products displayed in the product selector?

If you have recently created Shopify products, Product Options' product selector will require a sync in order to connect to and display these newly created products.

  1. From within Product Options, select Create/Edit Options.
  2. Select Edit on the option set.
  3. Select Review Products, then Edit Selection.
  4. Select Sync with Shopify.

   Product Sync

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